We take care of everything from managing tenants to full-service maintenance & repairs. If you’re wondering why Charan should be your choice for property management services, our team is here to take care of all of the details.



Managing a rental property is a full-time job, but it doesn’t have to be yours! Our team will help save you time and create a stress-free experience for you as a landlord. Let us handle rent collection, facility repairs, and anything else your tenants may need.


If you’re looking to invest in a property, the key is to maximize your profits. At Charan, we will help increase the value of your property by ensuring you have strong tenant retention and your property remains well maintained.


Do frequent maintenance requests have you putting your whole day on hold? Let Charan handle it for you! We will take care of any property maintenance or repair request from your tenants.


Our team will screen for the best tenants and provide a bigger pool of applicants through our marketing services. Charan also serves as a buffer between you and tenants, meaning if issues arise, we will be there to deal with the problem effectively.


Our experienced team are experts in every aspect of property management. Not only are we 100% dedicated to maximizing the return on your investment, but our goal is to make your property management experience easy and stress-free so you can reap the benefits from your rental properties without the hassle. With combined 45+ years of experience in the industry, we have gained strategic partnerships with local contractors & maintenance workers, the ability to perform market analysis, negotiation skills, and more to add value to your experience with Charan.


A dedicated Showing Agent helps rent your property

We help renters find the perfect property with our dedicated showing agent. Our Showing Agent’s are trained to showcase your property to potential tenants. They will give potential tenants a thorough overview of your rental and ensure that all features of the property and neighborhood amenities are highlighted.


Thanks to our years of experience in the Regina market, we can help you properly price your rental to attract tenants. We take into account a number of factors including size, location, features in the space, etc to ensure your property doesn’t sit vacant.


We work with professional photographers to ensure that your property looks great for every potential renter. Research has shown that professional photography creates more interest in your property and helps ensure it’s on the market for shorter periods of time in between tenants.


As Regina’s premier destination for real estate and rental listings, we can help get your properties sold and rented faster! Our website combined with our active social media marketing campaigns ensure that your property is seen by more people, and more importantly, the right people!


Our team will handle all inquiries and keep up constant communication with potential tenants to ensure that all their questions or concerns are addressed and assist in renting out your property.


When you are ready to sell your rental, our realty team will help assess the property and position it for the most profitable sale. Our real estate experts can help you decide if the property should be positioned to other property investors or if it might generate a larger return staging it for a new home owner. At Charan, we handle it all from pricing to marketing to negotiation and everything in between!


Single-family homes can command a premium in the marketplace and often attract stable, long term tenants in great neighborhoods. However, these valuable properties can also become a hindrance if they sit vacant, unrented, and unmaintained.

This type of rental is common in the Regina market and is often a great way to get your start as a landlord.

At Charan, we manage hundreds of single-family homes. Talk to us about managing the rental of your property!


Having multiple tenants, multiple units can create complications in both profits and support required. Our team of professionals ensure that multi-family units managed by Charan are profitable for the property owner and great places to live for the tenant.

We help get your units rented ensuring that you are receiving cash flow from your properties. Our team works hard to keep your properties serviced and maintained for tenant satisfaction and comfort. Our frequent unit inspections combined with active tenant feedback ensures that nothing goes unnoticed and unrepaired.

Talk to us about managing the rental of your multi-family home and let us help you get your property rented faster and maintained efficiently!


Our condo management services provide assistance in all aspects of the condo to help guide condominium boards with short and long range strategic planning. By working in partnership with condo boards, we stay ahead of market developments, demographics, economic conditions, financing, and the latest maintenance procedures.

Our services offer efficient management of all types of condos. These services include ensuring we are up to date on environmental standards, maintenance of common areas of the condo, internal communications, financial management, general administrative tasks, procurement of insurance, preparation of financial reports, assistance to the Board of Directors on policy matters, and communication with all parties involved with the condo including residents.

Charan is well-versed in dealing with all types of issues that may rise. Customer service is a large part of what we offer to our clients. Whether it’s a maintenance request or a concern expressed by a resident, all matters are handled quickly and tactfully by our friendly and knowledgeable staff.


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